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Welcome to the official site of The Morris Stein Foundation (MoSt). During the short time he was here, Morris made the world a better place for everyone whose life he touched. He was bound for greatness.There’s no telling what he would have or could have accomplished with all his potential. The best we can do now is keep his memory and spirit alive, working -- as he would have, in even the smallest of ways -- to make the world a better place.

With this in mind, fundraising for The Morris Stein Foundation will focus on doing the MoSt for the environment, the MoSt for diversity and tolerance, the MoSt for animal rescue and the MoSt for gun safety.

Please go to our "In the News" page for updates and important links.

Morris' Way - Caring for the Environment

In the Jewish tradition, a boy becomes a man at the age of 13, meaning he can take responsibility within the community and participate fully in religious services. Morris went through this rite of passage but took responsibility at a much younger age, doing mitzvot (good deeds) all year long: recycling, picking up litter, treating others with kindness and fairness and being a good and loyal friend. It was easy to be impressed by him.

At age 11, his friend Tarique’s mom took him and Tarique to the Youth Fair. Two years later she still talked about how Morris went after a piece of paper on the floor blowing away in the wind. She said “he went after it like it was a thousand-dollar bill.” At home there’d be stray pieces of plastic and paper in the laundry from what Morris found on the street and stuffed in his pockets planning to dispose of properly. He endured a lot of friendly teasing about his concern for the environment. But inevitably the friends who joked about it became more careful about what they tossed on the ground.

During one little league game, a boy maybe a year or two older than Morris was sitting in the bottom row of the bleachers. The kid crumbled up and threw his pizza paper on the ground while Morris was on deck in the batter’s circle. Morris, who noticed everything, saw through the fence and told him “pick it up.” He answered that he would if Morris hit a home run. Morris did and when he made it to the plate he said, “now pick it up” and the kid, smiling, picked it up. Everyone thought it was pretty funny – and very cool.

Quietly and consistently taking responsibility. Quietly and consistently taking action. Morris raised the awareness of everyone around him through his example. That is one of the highest levels of tzedakah, of social justice – of tikun olam, making the world a better place.

During the short time he was here, Morris made the world a better place for everyone whose life he touched. He was bound for greatness.



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