Elise Vieth discovered that Starbucks dumps leftover baked goods, slightly bruised fruits and other items daily. One manager of a Miami Lakes location agreed to allow daily pick ups of the items for donation to food banks or other places. Anyone who has the time and energy to pursue this with other locations is encouraged to do so. MoSt will provide you with the necessary letter to present to your local Starbucks. It may be possible to earn community service hours doing this.

Nadav Regev is working with FAU's chapter of Hillel and the Palestinian student organization on an event to promote tolerance and diversity.

Isaac Mizrahi is at Duke working to have MoSt chartered as it's own group, among other things.

Jessy Schiffman orchestrated the 1st Annual MoSt 5K Walk/Run/Stroll.

Oren Tuvia promotes buying Tropical Smoothie reusable cups “so we can save the environment.”  You get 50 cents off every smoothie. He reports  Starbucks does the same thing. “It’s a great way to save the environment by not polluting the world with more of those styro foam and plastic cups.”

Michael Vega gave blood. Hillary Blasberg donated her hair to Locks of Love.

Send your ideas and stories to:

Click on the names below to read more about how these individuals
Do The MoSt:

Jasmine Messiah - advocating for Healthy School Lunches



Take pictures of yourself or your friends doing the MoSt - recycling, planting trees, neighborhood clean-ups, volunteering at shelters, whatever you can come up with - and we'll post your story here. Email your photos and stories to or post them on the Facebook group (click here) or the foundation's page on Facebook

Morris - July 28, 2006


Results are in!
MoSt supporters ROCKED the vote!

MoSt supporters placed more than 182 of the total 880 votes for the Miami Dade Animal Services shelter. We helped the shelter stay in the list of top 100 shelters nationwide, finishing in 27th place of 2008 favorite shelters contest. The shelter may not have won but it certainly got noticed, as did www.theMoStFoundation.orgNot bad for our first concerted effort!

Morris' dog Lily was adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter in December 2006.

"“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi "

South Florida
For a MoSt Worthy Cause
Flag football game in Cooper City honors player's slain friend
Back after surgery, flag football player honors slain ex-teammate

By Rachel Hatzipanagos
December 14, 2008

In eighth grade, Ruben Leon and Morris Stein played on the same flag football team.

A year later, when both were enrolled in Cooper City High School , Leon was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a painful intestinal disease that continued to worsen. Five years later, Stein was killed in an accidental shooting.

They never really knew each other beyond being teammates, and eventually they lost touch. But on Saturday, Leon honored his lost teammate in the best way he knew how: playing ball. .READ MORE

For more information email

2008 Halloween Event :

Sam Touisithiphonexay hosted a Halloween Event Oct 29, 2008, for his martial arts school in Sunny Isles and included The MoSt Foundation in the festivities. Chad Prince and Hillary Blasberg manned the MoSt table with laptops to facilitate voting through the foundation's link for the Miami Dade Animal Shelter in the contest.  They also had MoSt organic t-shirts with them to sell to supporters.

Federation Plaza Fundraiser

Special thanks to the residents of Federation Plaza for their generous contributions to the Morris Stein Foundation (MoSt) at the February 2009 Pizza Luncheon.

It was a huge success!

Take 5 - Recycle Caps & Lids
Did you know that when bottles are recycled, their caps are often cut off and thrown away, ending up in landfills, oceans, rivers, and too often, in the mouths of baby sea animals? This causes the animals to either choke or end up with bellies full of plastic, which eventually leads to death due to malnutrition. Companies like Aveda and Whole Foods collect hard plastic caps  (e.g.from bottles of water and soda, laundry detergent, facial cleansers, shampoo, etc.).and give them a second life.

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The Miami Herald  Saturday 01.17.09
Grieving mom campaigns for gun education  
A year after her son's gunshot death, a griev-ing mother honors his memory with a cam-paign to teach young people firearms safety.


In the house where his mother cries for him and laughs about him and sits for hours at the computer watching her only child's image scroll by, Morris Stein is very much alive.